Stefan D. McCabe

I am a doctoral candidate at Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute, advised by David Lazer. My research focuses on developing methods for accurately measuring and describing online social behaviors. Before joining Northeastern, I was a graduate student at George Mason University’s Department of Computational Social Science, where I was advised by Rob Axtell and completed a master’s thesis on agent-based modeling methodologies. In Summer 2020, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research, working with David Rothschild.

I am currently on the job market, seeking a research position (either in industry or at the postdoc level) starting fall 2022.

My CV can be found here, and my resume can be found here.

Other online presences: Github, Google Scholar, Twitter.


Fall 2020

PHYS 5116: Complex Networks and Applications. Course website.

Fall 2019

DS 2001: Programming with Data (Social Science Practicum). Course website.




Working Papers

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Other Resources

Every year, I run a tutorial on using R for incoming doctoral students at the Network Science Institute. The most recent version of this tutorial can be found here (HTML, PDF).